The Karate-Do Gojukai India (K.G.I.) is the direct affiliate of the International Karate-Do Gojukai Association (I.K.G.A.) Japan and represents the organization in India. Our Dojos across the country provide professional and competition training in Karate, self defense and physical fitness along with opportunities for competition, growth and accolades for our students.

The Karate-Do Gojukai India (K.G.I.) is the only representative of I.K.G.A. in the Indian Subcontinent and the only body recognized to train and discharge certificates in India, on behalf of I.K.G.A.

Our students come from various backgrounds and age groups. We provide them with the best and most up to date techniques and several programs for a variety of purposes, ranging from basic martial arts training and self-defense to physical and mental fitness and life skills building.

Above all, the Karate-Do Gojukai India (K.G.I.) is a happy family of Karate lovers across India who are proud to be associated with the Art and draw inspiration and fun out of their time at the Dojo.

7th IKGA Global Championships 2017, Vancouver, Canada

Canada I.K.G.A. Championship 2017
The K.G.I. is proud to be sending an Indian contingent replete with our Defending Champions and other aspirants to the 7th Karate-Do Gojukai Global Championships, Vancouver, Canada, 2017.

Short Self Defense and Street Survival Courses

Our Founder Kaiso Gogen Yamaguchi

The International Karate-Do Gojukai Association was founded by Kaiso (Founder) Gogen Yamaguchi. Yamaguchi was born on 20th January, 1909 in Kagushima, Japan and was a descendant of the Samurai and the chosen successor of Master Miyagi in 1953.

Karate, A Way of Life