Potentiometric Titrator

  • Potentiometric Titrator

    The main unit of this apparatus incorporates the Microprocessor Based circuitry. A light feather touch key board is fitted on the side of an informative alpha numeric display. The display indicates the emf in millivolts generated during the titration proc All the factors such as the volume of titrant to be added in each addition, the time interval between two consecutive additions and the total volume of titrant to be added can be pre-set in the program with the key board. The cabinet of the main unit itself serves as a sturdy titration stand with built-in magnetic stirrer. It holds the titration beaker with electrodes and inlet for titrant. A motorized precision dispensing unit housed in a small box can be kept on the main

    A highly precision metering dispenser correctly follows the commands from the microprocessor based circuitry in the main unit and accurately adds preset volumes of the titrant at pre-set intervals as per the set program. Observing the parameters on the alpha numeric display such as the Volume of titrant added with each additions, time interval between consecutive additions, emf in millivolts being generated during the titration process and particularly that generated with

  • Potentiometric Titrator

    This instrument, Model: VPT-MG is designed for Aqueous/Non-aqueous, Oxidation/Reduction and many other Potentiometric Titrations. A fully Solid State Circuitry is incorporated, ensuring accurate reproducible results.
    The standard electrode system supplied with the equipment consists of Platinum, Glass & Calomel Electrodes. It can also be used with other metal electrodes such as Silver, Gold, Nickel, Tungsten etc.
    The approach of the `End-Point' of the titration is shown by initial digital readings of increasing magnitude and the `End-Point' itself is indicated by a sudden large permanent reading.

  • Potentiometer

    Digital Potentiometer for Redox Potential Measurement.

    Range 0 to ±1999 mv.

    Resolution: 1mv. Accuracy ±0.1% Supplied with O.R.P.Electrodes.