Heating Mantles – Digital Controlled

  • Heating Mantles – Digital Controlled

    LED Display for Temperature Reduce and Add: You can set temperature as you want (Ambient to 400°C ) . Below window display the set temperature and Upper window display the heating mantle temperature. Temperature accuracy ± 1 ℃

    Temperature Control: PID and Inner Temperature Sensor and Outer Temperature Sensor. Measuring inner Heating mantle and liquid temperature easily and exactly.

    Available Capacities: 250ml, 500ml, 1000ml, 2000ml, 3000ml, 5000ml

  • Heating Mantles – S.S.I. 29 A with Regulator

    50ml SSI-29A-50
    100ml SSI-29A-100
    250ml SSI-29A-250
    500ml SSI-29A-500
    1 Ltr SSI-29A- 1L
    2 Ltr SSI-29A-2L
    3 Ltr SSI-29A-3L
    5 Ltr SSI-29A-5L
    10 Ltr SSI-29A-10L
    20 Ltr SSI-29A-20L
    50 Ltr SSI-29A-50L