Gloss Meter

  • Gloss Meter

    Gloss of the surface is the ratio of light reflected from the sample to the light incident on it, when the angle of incidence and reflectance are equal numerically but opposite in sign i.e. Gloss is a measure of how well the surface functions as a mirror. Gloss increases as the angle of incidence increases. The unit is lightweight and with a inbuilt measuring head having integral read-out unit, with controls for setting the value of standards and holding the displayed value. In additional, there is an averaging facility to allow for surface variations.

    Salient Features:

    • A truly portable Gloss Meter with a microcontroller base display and rechargeable batteries.
    • The unit is small and lightweight thereby being totally portable and is available in 20 degree, 45 degree and 60 degree geometry
    • A convenient HOLD facility allows the reading to be fixed even after removing the unit from the sample. To allow for surface variations, an averaging facility is provided of up to 20 readings.

    Cat No. Description
    078000 Mini Gloss Meter 60 degree with standards
    079000 Mini Gloss Meter 45 degree with standards
    080000 Mini Gloss Meter 20 degree with standards